Friday, January 30, 2009

Big Changes

It's been some time since I posted. It hasn't been the result the laziness, or even a lack of ideas. Rather, there have been some big changes for me. I've accepted a full-time position with the US State Department and have reported for duty this week. I'll share more of my experiences as the job develops, and will use this blog to do so. I'll definitely be traveling to some interesting places.

That said, there will be a need to re-interpret the title of the blog. Normally, you would assume that I mean "China Business" and "China Travel." In this case, I would ask that you allow the "China," "Business," and "Travel" blog.

During my time with the State Department, I'll be working as an Industrial Advisor. I should have some great opportunities to compare and contrast the state of technology as well as business opportunities in some diverse places. As I said, I'll keep you posted here as things develop.

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sin1971 said...

Congratulations, Blake. It sounds like there is excitement on the horizon! I have no doubt you will succeed at your knew role as you have with all the previous endeavors in your life. - Sinan