Sunday, October 3, 2010


My daughter's been running in Vibram 5-Fingers for months, and loves them.  I've been waiting until after a particular race was past to give them a try, and tried for the first time today.  As often as possible, we run on trails, and I'm especially glad we did today, as I'm sure the soft, wet ground was more forgiving on my thinly-covered feet than the asphalt would have been.

As expected, my calves and ankles tired more quickly than normal, and the big toe on my right foot is feeling a bit painful right at the moment.  I'm sure these pains will pass as my feet get stronger.  My initial impression -- I love them!!  I enjoyed the feeling of intimate contact with the ground, the feel of my feet curving to meet the surface.  I also enjoyed the enhanced mental game of carefully watching the ground for things that might hurt -- though I did miss a particularly painful field of newly fallen acorns.

For those of us who find a sense of spirituality, almost moving meditation, in running, these funny looking shoes only enhance the experience.   If you haven't already, give them a try!

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