Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Heart NY..sometimes...briefly

There are a couple of things a man's wife can say that make him drop everything and eagerly come running. Today, my wife said one of those things -- let's go for a motorcycle ride. Two minutes later we were on-board the trusty Harley, roaring out of the driveway. We cruised down beautiful back-country roads, admired farms, livestock, and scenic villages, and enjoyed the passing scent of lilac, honeysuckle, and freshly-turned soil. I admit, there are times when I love NY.

Unfortunately, my mind quickly returns to thoughts of stifling taxation (the highest I've ever seen), shrinking population, fleeing jobs, and a bloated state government that feasts while the taxpayers bleed.

Arriving home, I found a political flyer boldly proclaiming "Take Back State Government!" Turning it over, I see it's for my incumbent assemblyman. Are you f&&$#@ kidding me?!? A man who eagerly participated in the destruction of this state has now found religion and wants to take it back?!? Nobody who has ever been elected to the disaster we call state government has the moral right to make such a plea. Regardless of party affiliation, the government of this state has failed, and it's past time that we punished those involved by not giving them another chance!!

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