Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What Does Iraq Need?

Continuing from yesterday's post, my first point was that Iraq needs everything. There are approximately 30 million people in Iraq, with approximately 20% of the population in greater Baghdad. Years of war and embargo (don't forget, starting in 1980 with the Iran-Iraq war) have prevented consumer goods, industrial goods, and building materials from reaching the country. As the political and economic situation in Iraq improves, there will be a rising demand for almost everything.

According to some reports, Iraq will need at least three million new housing units in the coming years. Most construction material is now imported from neighboring countries, and is of poor quality. While the current market is very price sensitive, this too will change as the situation improves. Demand for higher-priced, better-quality product will increase. If your company makes material used in commercial and residential construction, you may want to consider Iraq for future market expansion.

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