Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Chevy Volt, Tesla, EV Controversy?

Allow me one more day to muse about electric vehicles, please, before I turn my attention back to China sourcing. There's been much written lately about electric vehicles (EVs), particularly the Chevrolet Volt and the Tesla roadster. For more information, check them out here:



The heart of the story is the assertion by Elon Musk that the bridge to full electric vehicles will be short, given the inherent flaws of hybrids (neither good with electricity or with gas). Read more here: http://www.blog.speculist.com/archives/001788.html

The other side (well, not really a controversy, or the other side, just a slightly different read on a great topic, but hey, words like controversy are so lame-stream media, one has to use them) is more in favor of continuing a hybrid-type drive train -- essentially full battery operation with internal combustion range-extender, or battery chargers. Nice article here: http://www.autobloggreen.com/tag/chevrolet+volt/

For another fun read, check out this interview with Elon Musk: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/science/jan-june08/musk_06-25.html

Enjoy, and tomorrow, we talk about China!

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