Wednesday, November 5, 2008

China's Human Rights Action Plan

China Economic Review just pointed me to this Financial Times article, "Beijing promises human rights initiative." According to the article, human rights groups are skeptical that the plan is anything more than hollow talk. Still, we have to be hopeful that the economic prosperity now enjoyed by many Chinese will be followed by expanding individual liberties, and an end to the government censorship of media.

I'm not a fan of the Communist Party, but President Hu has done an admirable job of guiding China during these tumultuous years of rapid growth. The National People's Congress, during the last session, expanded property rights laws and strengthened the judiciary.

On that note, I'm ever thankful to have been born in the good old USA, where my liberties were long ago guaranteed by a group of very wise men. We've elected a new President, and it is my sincere desire that our expression of liberty is an inspiration to the Chinese people, whatever form their government eventually takes.

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