Saturday, November 22, 2008

What is your favorite Chinese beer?

Since it's Saturday, let's talk about something near and dear to my heart -- beer!

I'm a beer fan. I brew it, drink it, savor it, and am also a bit picky about what I drink. That also means I'm not really a fan of most Chinese beer. Very light, bodyless, strangely-flavored pilser is available in the US, so no reason to go to China to find it. That said, on a hot Chinese afternoon, an ice cold Tsingtao tastes awfully nice!!

Wherever I go, I try the beer. My favorite in China, so far, is Harbin Beer. It's not so different from the rest, and I'm not sure really why I like it. My impression was just that it was crisper an fresher, maybe a little maltier than others, but it's been awhile since I had it.

What's your favorite? Take the poll on the right sidebar! If I haven't listed your favorite, please comment. If you comment, feel free to tell me your favorite all time beer, regardless of the origin!

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Anonymous said...

My favorite beer from China by far is the southern Guangzhou beer - Zhujiang Beer.

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