Monday, September 29, 2008

Tale of Destroyed Laptop and Financial Bailout!

A week ago, my one-year-old laptop suffered a catastrophic failure. Of course, this happened only a few months out of warranty. Like a responsible person, I did have all of my data backed up, and so was quickly back at work. I didn't realize, however, how disruptive it would be to lose all of my applications for the 7+ days it took to get a new computer online and fully personalized. Imagine, suddenly being without Adobe Acrobat, or without your Outlook add-in that helps you manage projects and action items (GTD for me).

Thanks to the good folks at LyteSpeed Computers, I'm back!! The repair techs at LyteSpeed went out of their way to provide me fantastic customer service. I'm going back to them for all my computing needs, and if you need computer help in Rochester, I recommend you do the same.

On an unrelated but much more important point, there is something I don't understand about the financial bailout. What happens to the money when (if?) the government gets paid back? There is much concern about oversight of the funds when they are given to the good folks on Wall Street, but what about oversight of the funds when they are returned to the folks in Washington? Is it mandatory that any funds returned to Washington as a result of repayment by the Wall St. firms or through sale of the assests are used to pay down the $700B in additional debt we just incurred? More likely, our trusty representatives are already planning constructive ways to spend it. Anyone know?

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